RoboGene® MTB DNA Qualitative Kit


  • Efficient TaqMan®-based Assay for detection of bacterial strains M. tuberculosis and M. bovis using quaitative real-time PCR
  • Contains ready-to-use, lyophilized standards and extraction tubes coated with Internal Control DNA
  • Highly sensitive despite minimal sample input volume (10 copies/ml)
  • Full Volume Reagent Guarantee for processing of 50 or 100 clinical samples excluding positive controls

For the extraction of nucleic acids we recommend the following products.

Product Info

The RoboGene® MTB Qualitative Kit is an amplification test for detection of MTB DNA in human sputum, bronchalveolar lavage, or e.g. lymph node samples. Both M. tuberculosis and M. bovis are amplified with equal efficiency applying primers and probe sets specific for the insertion sequence IS6110 and the MTB genome. The qualitative standard consists of tubes coated with a known amount of synthetic MTB DNA, which must be amplified in parallel with the samples. A synthetic internal control (IC) to monitor the complete procedure is included via extraction tubes. Amplification of MTB DNA in samples and standards and of IC DNA is measured independently at different wavelengths due to probes labelled with different fluorescence reporter dyes (MTB DNA: FAM channel; IC DNA: Yakima Yellow/VIC/JOE channel). Regarding the plastic ware the kit is available in a variety of configurations depending on the real-time PCR device. For sample preparation the “INSTANT Mycobacterium DNA Kit” (AJ Innuscreen) is recommended. 

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Regular profile strips
0.2 ml clear (RUO)

128 reactions
72 reactions


Regular profile tubes
0.2 ml clear (RUO)

120 reactions
60 reactions


Reaction tubes 25 µl

120 reactions
60 reactions


Low profile strips
0.1 ml clear (RUO)

128 reactions
72 reactions


Low profile strips
0.1 ml white (RUO)

128 reactions
72 reactions


Starting material:

Human sputum, bronchalveolar lavage, or e.g. lymph node samples

insertion sequence IS6110

real-time PCR (TaqMan®)




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