rapidSTRIPE Babesia Assay


  • System for fast, sensitive detection of Babesia following DNA extraction from ticks
  • Includes all of the plastic supplies and reagents required for amplification, hybridization and detection
  • Based on RAH (rapid amplification and hybridization) technology
  • Protocols for PCR and rapidPCR thermal cyclers

Product Info

The rapidSTRIPE Babesia Assay has been optimized for detecting Babesia DNA. Once the nucleic acid has been extracted from ticks (using the blackPREP Tick DNA Kit, for instance), the DNA is introduced into a specific combination reaction consisting of amplification and subsequent hybridization. Both of these reactions occur uninterrupted within the same reaction vessel. The final step involves loading the hybridized amplification product onto a Lateral Flow Strip. A positive test result for Babesia is confirmed by the appearance of a test line. The strip also includes a control line (conjugate control) to ensure the reaction is working properly. The Lateral Flow Strips developed for this assay are stable for long periods and can be archived.

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